« The Public, Social and Cooperative Economy in the Digital Revolution »

The digital transformation at work in recent years offers new means of communication and exchange and has radically changed the forms of ownership, production, distribution and consumption. It challenges the working conditions, raises new issues and opportunities on taxation, offers extraordinary increases in productivity, opens new horizons for citizen action,… The public, social and cooperative economy is in many ways an actor in this revolution. The theme of the next CIRIEC congress will approach this theme, examining the analyses and discussions of scientific experts and political, economic and social leaders from all over the world.

A topical thematic approach:

  • The digital revolution in the service of democracy and the citizen
  • Collaborative economy and cooperative platforms
  • Public policy and the issues of the digital revolution
  • Impact on social relations
  • Public infrastructure and digital transformation
  • Social economy and digital development 
  • The health sector in the digital revolution
  • The water, gas and electricity sectors and the new benefits of going digital
  • Digital innovation and enterprise development