General Conditions

General Conditions2017-11-22T11:09:04+00:00

Fees and payment

Service provision exempted from VAT under Article 44, $ 2, 8 ° of the Belgian VAT code.

Fees must be paid in full upon registration. If the payment is still not received 2 weeks before the event, your registration will not be valid.

Withdrawal conditions

Any notice of withdrawal must be submitted in writing (surface mail or e-mail) and a notification of receipt/reading must have been sent back to you from our side. A refund of 70% of the fee is possible if the written cancellation is received before the 1st May 2018. After the 1st May, no refunds are possible.

Data Policy

The University of Liège, CIRIEC International and CIRIEC Belgium treat all personal data confidentially according to Art. 4 of the Privacy Act (2014). With your registration for the congress the gathering, storage and processing of your personal data are indispensable. These occur solely for the organisation and the implementation of the 32nd CIRIEC Congress. Your data will only be processed by those directly involved in running the congress and only as far as needed for the organizational workflow.

Moreover, with your registration you agree that your first name, last name, organisation and country will be on the list of participants which will be distributed during the 32nd CIRIEC Congress to other participants.

Films and photos may be taken during the three days of the event.

By filling your registration:

  • You consent explicitly to the publication of films and images on which you appear (website, media, publications etc.).
  • You accept that the authors’ names, title, and content of the contribution you submitted will be used for communication among participants during the congress and within the scope of CIRIEC publications (i.e. congress documents or CIRIEC’S website).
  • You accept explicitly this entire data policy.


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