Poster sessions

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Poster session #1

  • Kyriaki Antoniadou & Anne-Sophie Libert
    Dynamics of Kepler systems as seen from periodic orbits
  • Khalid Barkaoui
    The follow-up of TRAPPIST-1 with TRAPPIST-North
  • Ádám Boldog, Vera Dobos, László L. Kiss
    Magnetospheric properties of the TRAPPIST-1 planets
  • Carolina Charalambous & Cristián Beaugé
    Planetary migration and (near)-resonant capture of TRAPPIST-1 planets
  • Zoltan Dencs
    Water delivery to the TRAPPIST-1 planets
  • Catarina S. Fernandes, Valérie Van Grootel, Sebastian J. A. J. Salmon, Bernhard Aringer, Adam Burgasser, Richard Scuflaire, Pierre Brassard, Gilles Fontaines, & the SPECULOOS and TRAPPIST teams
    Evolutionary models for UCDs and the implications for the Trappist-1 star
  • Christian Fischer
    Signs of Star-Planet Interaction in the flares of TRAPPIST-1?
  • Akihiko Fukui
    Capability of the MuSCAT Network for Monitoring TTVs of the TRAPPIST-1 Planets
  • Yasunori Hori & Masahiro Ogihara
    The Primordial Atmospheres of the TRAPPIST-1 planets
  • Baptiste Klein & Jean-François Donati
    Simulating SPIRou radial velocity follow-ups of TRAPPIST-1
  • Yu Komatsu
    Possible photosynthesis around low-mass stars evaluated by quantum chemistry calculations

Poster session #2

  • Lionel Garcia
    Specphot: a suite for SPECULOOS data analysis
  • Andrew Lincowski,  Victoria Meadows, David Crisp, Tyler Robinson, Rodrigo Luger, Jacob Lustig-Yaeger, Giada Arney
    Evolved Climates and Observational Discriminants for the TRAPPIST-1 Planetary System
  • Paulo Miles-Páez, Maria Rosa Zapatero Osorio, Enric Pallé, Stan Metchev
    Time-resolved linear polarization observations of the planetary transits around TRAPPIST-1
  • Mayuko Mori, Akihiko Fukui, Norio Narita, John Livingston, Kiyoe Kawauchi, Motohide Tamura
    Ground-based Transmission Spectroscopy of the Atmosphere of TRAPPIST-1g
  • Catriona Murray
    SPECULOOS: Photometry and Global Survey Statistics
  • Peter Pedersen & Didier Queloz
    Warm near infrared instrumentation for ground-based exoplanet surveys
  • Thibaut Roger
    The Trappist-1 “sound and light show”: an open-source device for outreach
  • Takahito Sakaue & Kazunari Shibata
    Numerical simulation on the stellar atmosphere and wind of the TRAPPIST-1
  • Djoeke Schoonenberg, Beibei Liu, Chris Ormel, Caroline Dorn
    A pebble-driven formation scenario for the TRAPPIST-1 planets
  • Aberahmane Soubkiou, Zouhair Benkhaldoun, Ahmed Daassou, J. Chouquar
    Modeling the transmission spectra of Trappist-1e: a remarkable candidate for habitable planet
  • Dennis Tilipman, Mariela Vieytes, Jeff Linsky
    Semi-Successful Semi-Empirical Model of TRAPPIST-1 Atmosphere
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