The conference will start at 13h on Tuesday 11 Jun 2019 (registrations from 11h to 13h), and will end on Friday 14 June 2019 afternoon.

It aims to cover all aspects of the study of TRAPPIST-1, notably:

  • the host star TRAPPIST-1 (and other ultracool dwarf stars): structure, evolution, activity, etc.
  • Formation, migration, and dynamics of the planets of TRAPPIST-1 (and around other ultracool dwarf stars)
  • Exploring ultracool dwarfs (including brown dwarfs) for more TRAPPIST-1-like systems.
  • The structure of TRAPPIST-1 planets: observations vs models, evolution, etc.
  • The atmospheric properties of TRAPPIST-1 planets: models, evolution (erosion, outgassing, impacts, pre-main-sequence phase, etc.), characterization with JWST and other upcoming facilities, the prospects for liquid water, possible biosignatures and their detectability, etc.
  • The possibility of life on TRAPPIST-1 planets: prebiotic chemistry and photosynthesis around ultracool dwarfs, the impact of high-energy radiation, tidal locking, lessons from the solar system, etc.

The conference is by essence multidisciplinary, and contributions from all horizons are welcome: stellar physics, exoplanetology, solar system planetology, observational and theoretical astrophysics, astrobiology, etc.

The conference will be divided in different sessions, each composed of an invited review talk, several contributed talks, and short poster presentations.

Next to its high scientific importance, the discovery of TRAPPIST-1 planets triggered the imagination of many artists that integrated them in their works (novels, music, poems, etc). This is why the conference will also include a special session on Thursday 13th called “TRAPPIST-1: between science and fiction”, during which some artists, writers, game developers, etc will present their works related to TRAPPIST-1 to the participating scientists, enabling the two communities to discuss their visions of a fascinating planetary system.

This session will also consider the opportunity brought by TRAPPIST-1 for public outreach and educational activities.

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