Presentation of the conference ‘Practitioners Speak to Researchers’

During the 11th Bienniale of ARIS, the word will really be given to practitioners! The main objective of this original approach is to bring out original and promising field practices for the fields of physical activity, physical education and sport.

Practitioners and trainers will be able to share their initiatives with researchers and the public to demonstrate that sports intervention research is also nurtured by those who work daily to coach and train physically active citizens.

Presented orally (12 minutes + 3 minutes of question) or in a poster (with a mini-presentation of 5 minutes) during the afternoon of Thursday, February 27, we ardently invite all stakeholders involved in physical sports activities and their trainers, to highlight the fruits of their field experiences in order to promote the exchange of exemplary best practices.

No worries or stress! The guidelines for submitting “Practitioner” contributions are different from those for “Research” submissions (see the “Call for Contributions” tab). The contributions of the field workers will be accepted from the moment they are based on a minimum of data. Those data should help to understand the impact of the initiatives (simple questionnaires, discussions, activity reports, benefit statements, test results, etc. .). To facilitate the application process, we have produced a practical guide (see below) which includes examples of presentations, “key-to-door” tools to easily collect some data, but also a poster template.

Practical guide
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Presentation of practical workshops

It is also possible to present an original intervention in a practical form! During the evening of February 26, 2020, a time slot of 2 hours has been reserved in the sports hall of the Royal Charles Rogier school (Liège 1) so that 7 practitioners and / or trainers could share their educational innovations by setting in motion all the participants of the ARIS 2020 conference. These activities will be an opportunity to highlight the actions put in place by practitioners and trainers in the fields of physical education, sports and adapted physical activities or leisure activities. The participants will be divided into small groups that will follow one another at the different workshops. Each group will remain 15 minutes maximum at each post.

As a first step, interested persons are invited to contact the Organizing Committee as soon as possible to present their workshop idea ( After consultation to verify the feasibility of the project, the authors should also propose an abstract (summary).

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