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AIESEP Symposium

Physical Literacy: A Design Thinking Approach

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Clearly, physical literacy is a broad concept. Whilst the original term had strong philosophical orientations towards the concepts of phenomenology and existentialism, recent developments of the concept have largely focused on a more pragmatic interpretation. From our vast experience educating professionals in the area of physical literacy in physical education, physical activity and sport, it appears that the application of the concept of physical literacy has led to a focus on more rudimentary skills which has moved physical literacy away from its original and more holistic focus intended by Whitehead (2007; 2010).

AIESEP now wonder if it might be timely to pause and reflect on the nature and purpose of current interpretations of physical literacy and to examine how other newer and related ideas might provide an understanding of the complex interplay between the individual and his/her ecological environment in the physical education, sport and physical activity contexts.

This AIESEP design thinking workshop is an opportunity to engage in a ‘design sprint’ to innovate and iterate new pedagogies to promote physical literacy in the 21st century PE, sport and physical activity contexts. We invite all those who have a vested interest in promoting physical literacy amongst children and young people to join us in this unique workshop setting.

This symposium follows on from our Physical Literacy roundtable in AIESEP 2019 (Adelphi)…giving us the opportunity to continue this important conversation.

What is design thinking?

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The Mindset of a Design Thinker

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Some information about your involvment

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Why attend ?

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Practical info


  • Espace Prémontrés
  • Rue des Prémontrés 40 à 4000 LIEGE
  • Date and hours

  • February 25, 2020 : 09:00-17:00
  • Registration

    Deadline February 1st, 2020

    Useful information

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