Following a tradition established over almost two decades, the Belgian community studying fundamental interactions organises regular informal scientific meetings where ideas and results, theoretical as well as experimental, are presented and discussed.

Originally, these meetings were held in the context of the PAI Fundamental Interactions. Even though the PAI programme has now stopped, the fundamental-interaction community has decided to continue the tradition and start a new be.hep series of yearly meetings.

One of the most enriching aspects of these events is the fact that all activities in Belgium geared towards the study of fundamental interactions will be present and contribute to the program. These go from formal aspects of quantum field and string theory, gravitation and cosmology to particle physics, theory and experiments (from the LHC, to NA62, to Solid,..) and astroparticles (IceCube, TA,…) and gravitational waves (Virgo, Einstein Telescope…).

This event is supported by FNRS and FWO, through the EOS project be.h and the COSPA network.